Putin comes out as gay – shock as Russian President reveals secret homosexual side

Vladimir Putin has stunned the world by coming out of the closet as a homosexual. In a sensational video he posted on Youtube, Putin spoke candidly how he had been hiding in the closet for many years, and finally decided it was time to come out. “I didn’t like being in closet. It has spiders. Spiders are scary.”

He has also brought out a sexy new calendar, aimed exclusively for the gay community. “It has nice sexy pictures of me, with my top off.”

Below is one of the pictures shot for the calendar.

gay putin shirtless

He claimed it was one of his favourites. “I like this one, because it shows me with big rod”, he camply chuckles.

Putin also claimed he wanted to take more of a back seat in politics, as he wanted to concentrate more on his modelling and acting, which includes taking to the stage. “I’m big fan of musicals.I want to be in Rocky Horror Picture Show, wearing fishnet stockings and all that fabulous make up.”

But for the moment, Putin is currently getting ready for panto season, as he is starring as the Fairy Godmother in Cinderella at Plymouth Pavillions.


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