About Walrus

Hello! I am Wilfred the Walruth and I be wacko. I may be totally and utterly bonkeroony, but I think I am a very knowledgeable walruth. I know a lot about what ith going on in the world and I will be giving you all the inthider news and gothip about thuff like politicth, celebth, and doing other entertaining thingth.

I live in Antarctica and I love thplathing around in the water and chilling out on the ice. Below is a picture of me. Am I not hanthome?


Here is a video for you to thee the kind of thuff I get up to with my mate Dave:

I like to keep fit and I exerthithe regularly. This is me doing thit ups:

I am a very muthical walruth. I am often asked what my favourite thong is. It is, of courthe, ‘I am the Walruth’, by The Beatleth. Here is me playing the thaxophone:


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