Football Lookalikes

Funny football lookalikes.

felix magath penfold

Felix Magath and Penfold from Danger Mouse.

ronald trisha

Ronaldinho and Trisha Goddard.

ozil dog

Mesut Ozil and a boggle eyed dog.

hansen scarlet

Captain Scarlet and Alan Hansen.

torres bruno

Fernando Torres and Bruno.

beavis and bergkamp

Beavis and Bergkamp.

peter crouch timmy

Peter Crouch and Timmy from South Park.

dunga john terry

Dunga and John Terry. If you can’t imagine England winning the World Cup, look up images of Dunga for Brazil, squint your eyes and imagine he’s wearing a white shirt.

lescott klingon

Joleon Lescott and Klingon.

cole kurt couto

Ashley Cole and Kurt Couto…really similar.

ray wilkins uncle fester

Ray Wilkins and Uncle Fester.

sol campbell gorilla

Sol Campbell and the giant gorilla King Kong.

carlos tevez chimp

Carlos Tevez and Chimp.

Carlos Tevez looks like he could be an extra in a PG Tips ad.

sloth ian dowie

Ian Dowie and Sloth from The Goonies.

collina gollum

Pierluigi Collina and Gollum.

Phil Neville Frankenstein

Phil Neville and Frankenstein.

chris waddle paul young

Chris Waddle and Paul Young.


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